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Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Recent studies of epigenetics reveal that we don’t have to fall victim to our heredity. We can change how our genes express themselves by making the right nutritional and lifestyle choices and also addressing our emotional needs.

We are all different, whether it’s our genetic pre-disposition, lifestyle differences, food preferences, stress and toxicity levels or emotional well-being. That is why the same disease manifests differently in each and everyone of us.

Functional Medicine is an individualized scientific based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of disease.


One condition can be the result of more than one cause as well as one cause can manifest in many different conditions.


For example, anxiety can be caused by many different factors, including low thyroid, and likewise, low thyroid may lead to many different conditions, including anxiety. 


Functional Medicine Health Coaching addresses possible root causes for imbalance, using a very personalized approach, utilizing food and lifestyle changes as your medicine.


It’s about restoring the body’s natural healing power. It’s about learning what works specifically for YOUR body and eating for optimal nutrition and joy. It’s about nourishing YOUR life, recognizing what fulfills you on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

You can be in control of your well-being starting today!

What to expect from Functional Medicine Health Coaching
We will:


Talk, and you will have the chance to share all your health concerns and symptoms, so I can better understand how I can help you with your personal goals


Work together to understand how everything in your life is interconnected, and may contribute to possible imbalances


Focus on your specific symptoms working with personalized clinically proven Functional Medicine Food Plans to help you learn what really works for YOUR body so you can feel your best without feeling restricted.


Recognize what creates stress in your life and implement stress management techniques that work for YOU.


Explore Positive Psychology (science of happiness) resources to help you create positive thought patterns and release limiting beliefs.


Work together to accomplish your goals and sustain

long -lasting changes. 

I will meet you where you are and provide any necessary resources and personalized Functional Medicine meal plans to guide and empower you through your journey.



Are you ready to make this journey together?


I promise it will be exciting and rewarding

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